Welcome to the official website of the Missing Children’s Network’s prevention program SHINE. Whether you are a student, parent or professional, you will find all that our innovative program has to offer! All you need to do is select the tab that corresponds to your interests to access a wide range of activities, resources and videos.

  • The program aims to prevent the sexual exploitation of minors by empowering pre-teens in Quebec to make safe decisions.
  • Vocabulary, approach, and activities tailored for students ages 8 to 13.

The vast majority of juvenile disappearances in Quebec consists of teenagers running away from home and almost a third of these teens become victims of sexual exploitation.


The interactive SHINE program is designed for students in Cycles 2 and 3, and Secondary 1. Using an open and engaging approach with students, our prevention team discusses self-esteem, personal boundaries, healthy relationships and gender stereotypes. With the help of a variety of exercises that include scenarios, videos and reflections, these workshops empower students to develop their self-confidence and their ability to resist external pressures.

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SHINE is an acronym: 
Healthy relationships
No Means No!

Unparalleled Results!




Our Ability to Adapt – One of Our Biggest Strengths!

Because every child and adolescent has the right to the same services and support, our prevention team works closely with professionals from various environments to meet the specific needs of students.  Whether it is a question of adapting to the cultural reality of a First Nation community or the pace of learning of students with ASD, we will deliver an unparalleled workshop. Available in both French and English, it is with tremendous pride that our turn-key toolkit is now available in Inuktitut, Montagnais, Mohawk and Cree.

Whether you are a teaching institution or youth-serving organization, we are available to all those establishments interested in welcoming our SHINE program! Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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The financial support of several partners makes the deployment of this unique and innovative program possible. Our sincerest thanks for their trust and generosity!

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